These are the five people who are my life.

In our house, we laugh, cry, yell, complain, hug, nag, and tease each other.

We play together. And sometimes we give each other space so we can play alone.

We eat together…sometimes. And we have “every man for himself” dinner all too often.

We cheer for each other in soccer games and cross country races.

We annoy each other. We poke each other. And we are fiercely loyal to each other.

This is my family. We aren’t perfect. But we are trying. And in the tender moments of seeing my oldest hold and hug his baby brother during the Christmas Eve service at church, and the “middles” sitting together, quietly, working on an art project, give me the little glimpses of hope that I need to know that we are (mostly) doing it right, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

God gives us family so we can have a safe space to be ourselves. And, wow, can I just say, “Thank you God” for these five.

By the way…photo credit goes to Shannon Christopher. You will never meet a more experienced, pleasant, and talented guy to capture your family in photographs in the Hilton Head Island/Tybee Island area.

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