Let’s laugh together…

December 29, 2015

Let’s laugh together.

Let’s feed our kids leftovers for dinner. Again.

Let’s be easy on ourselves. Yet take really, REALLY good care of ourselves.

Let’s burn the cookies, forget about the laundry ’til it mildews and we have to run the washer again, and let’s leave the Christmas decorations up ’til February.

Let’s share our worlds, our minds, our hearts. We are not alone.

Let’s admit we are anxious, imperfect, scared.

I experienced numbness. Then brokenness and healing. And now a HOPE. A glorious, glorious HOPE!

Last weekend, while on a 14 mile run, God said, “Jen, you gotta share your heart. You gotta share me. How selfish you are to have peace and happiness in me and not share it.”

And so this blog was born in my heart and my mind. And I am scared to be vulnerable.

But come with me anyway. Let’s be vulnerable together…



Disclaimer: My viewpoints are not necessarily reflective of my employer, or any local, regional or national organization that I belong to. As a matter of fact, I pretty much just speak for myself. Please keep that in mind.

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    Sounds Great! we are all in this together!

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